Katie Cleary Selected as “Animal Welfare Spokesperson of the Year”

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Due to her outstanding contributions to animal welfare, Katie Cleary has been selected by the Executive Board of the Pet Philanthropy Circle for the “Animal Welfare Spokesperson of the Year” Award. 

The Pet Philanthropy Circle’s mission is to save and enhance the quality of animal lives by creating awareness with their educational programs and providing fundraising assistance for qualified animal organizations.  They accomplish this by creating strategic alliances with corporations, utilization of the media and their annual Pet Hero Awardsprogram.

The Pet Hero Awards are honors presented by the Pet Philanthropy Circle to animal welfare organizations, corporations, individuals and pets.  These awards create greater public awareness for exceptional associations, causes and individuals. Their belief is that by honoring role models, others will aspire to excellence, as well.


On Friday, October 14, 2016, the pet community will gather for the Pet Hero Awards program, dinner party, and celebration that will be held in Manhattan, NYC at 6:30 PM.

Congrats Katie Cleary!!

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