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The strength, confidence, charm and determination of Katie have been passed on to her through her mother. Her dream of gaining popularity and having a successful career in Hollywood and giving wings to her desires had emotional roots since her childhood. She maintained a balance between her studies and her dream by taking up modelling assignments besides her school and college.

Building a foundation

She worked hard to pursue her modelling and her desire to learn the intricacies of acting made her enrol for the acting classes besides working for real estate firm in Chicago. Strong superstructure always has strong foundation and this suits Katie perfectly. Her continuous hard work and determination to not to subside her dreams rewarded her with success. She maintained her patience and moved ahead with the glow of her dreams in her eyes.

Visible success

We all know where she stands today! Multiple TV shows, advertisement campaigns, hosting assignments and movies helped her in stepping up on the stairs of success. Her beauty is worth appreciation and enviable and the same is rewarded by ‘People’s magazine’ by tagging her among 100 beautiful people. She is the perfect example to display that the constant and rigorous efforts never go waste. In one of her posts she mentioned that if you follow your dreams passionately without any distraction then every adversity will change into challenge and every challenge will seem interesting and positive!

Down to earth

Katie is not among those who let success go to their head and this is a lesson which we should take from her. If you let success go to your head then this may lead to failure down the road, it kills the part of real you and lead to demise of innocence and humanity in you. Katie is matured enough to understand these harsh truths of life and she extends this credit to her mother who helped her in standing strong in adversities of life. May be this is the reason that today even after earning name and fame she is not puffed up beyond recognition.

Her eternal love for animals

Katie heads up an animal welfare organization named as ‘Peace 4 animals’ which she founded way back in 2012. This organization works towards finding homes for shelterless animals. Along with this she has shown her active participation in collecting funds around the globe for various organizations that are working for rehabilitation of poor and innocent animals. The aim of her organization is to allow animals to live peacefully without any human intervention. This is why it conducts various seminars to educate people about the harm caused to animals due to our ignorance.She promotes sheltering animals from local suburbs rather than buying a pet from the expensive pet shops. Her eternal love for animals and honest effort to become voice for these voiceless animals motivated her to produce first documentary which has released recently by the name of ‘Give me shelter’.

Her continuous efforts of raising money for her organization keep her active. Recently she launched jewellery, vegan purse and apparels line, the proceeds of which go to her organization. Her philanthropic gestures and initiatives display that humanity is still alive!

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