Katie Cleary has had a passion for animals since she was 10 years old. She has made countless contributions associated with rescuing animals. Her main objective is to raise awareness around the world with her philanthropic and create a positive attitude. As such, people will protect the planet and its potential species. Below is an overview of Katie Cleary’s animal welfare works.

Peace 4 Animals Organization

Katie founded this animal welfare organization in 2012 and it is a leader in the animal welfare community in Los Angeles. The nonprofit organization deals with protection of animals from human abuse all over the globe. Katie uses her organization to create public awareness and educate masses on the importance of the animal species and how to coexist with the wild animals. Apart from rescuing and rehabilitating animals, the organization finds home for domestic animals. The organization’s main goal is to lead by example so that others can follow and make a difference. Visit the website at 

World Animal News

After discovering the urgency of raising awareness about protection of animal species, the filmmaker Katie Clearly, started this news program in 2013. She uses the program as a voice to educate people on how to live peacefully with 8.7 million animal species that we share the planet with. Tune into their NEWS feed at

The Documentary “Give Me Shelter “

Last year, Katie Cleary produced this powerful film which is about people who dedicate their lives to rescue exotic, domestic and wild animals. The award winning documentary exposes crucial animal issues like:

  • Underground black market wild animals trade
  • Puppy mills
  • Poaching
  • Animal abuse and neglect
  • Horse slaughter
  • The fur industry
  • Circuses
  • Shark finning and many others.

The model’s, actress turned philanthropist Katie Cleary’s dream goal is to open a Peace 4 Animals Reserve in South Africa to rescue and rehabilitate endangered animal species. Now you of this famous Lady and her major works. For more information, visit her website at